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10 Myths about Potency: My Canadian Pharmacy Review

Modern life affects the health of every man greatly. People are constantly loaded with serious problems, worries, they are in a constant motion. This can not have a positive effect on health. Potency also suffers from these factors. We can not say that all men have proper rest, some men’s rest is not normal, but a man is not a mechanism. But even mechanisms also need breaks. Loads always affect the condition of the body. “Men strengh” can be broken. But at the same time, there are still so-called myths about potency. They must be distinguished from the real-life problems of men. The emergence of myths is obliged to ignorance of the male features. The intimate sphere has always been and will be a fragile issue, and the slightest deviation from the norm is considered a disease. But it is not always the case. In this article, we will discuss the real serious problems and myths. For the destruction of myths we recommend you the medications which you can purchase in My Canadian Pharmacy.

What do we know about potency?

talk about impotence problems with partnersThe number of real importants is not really great. This refers to those men who are not able to get excited to have a decent sexual intercourse. It depends on the temperament of each person. Every man has his own norm. In today’s world, everything is based on sex topics. Constructed in this way that this “building” goes beyond all reasonable steps. But there is a downside. The more we speak of something, the less we want it. Persistence is boring. So it becomes the reason that man oftencannott be excited.

Nevertheless, everyone can become a real impotent. Potency may be disturbed due to various diseases. In most cases, impotence develops in those people who do not look after their health. The men, living a sedentary life (drivers is the main category) who are always at risk. They often face a violation of blood circulation, there are problems with the prostate, which inevitably lead to the impotence symptoms. Constant inhalation of gasoline vapor also affects the level of potency. Overweight also constitutes a threat to sex life: there is a constant load on the heart, joints and muscles. This almost always leads to a decrease in sexual desire. But the most terrible threat of potency comes from alcohol, smoking and drug use. There are also psychological sources – stress, depression, lack of self-confidence. Recently, scientists have conducted studies which revealed interesting results.

It turned out, the potency may be reduced due to hookah smoking. The proof was that smoking negatively affects the muscles of the penis. Another interesting fact revealed was the influence of tooth decay effects. When there is inflammation of shell teeth root, the potency level is lowered. Vegetarianism can also cause impotence. The meat contains fat, which stimulates the production of testosterone – the male sex hormone. This is the real reason, which you should really be afraid of. Now let us go to the myths that hinder our happiness.

Myth number 1

The first myth says that a person is able to perform only 5400 ejaculations within his life. But in reality, the process of sperm production continues throughout the life and depends on the male body’s abilities.

Myth number 2

Another myth says that the potency may be reduced if there is no regular sex. But in reality, it is not the truth. The potency of different people depends on different reasons, but it can not disappear due to lack of sex.

Myth number 3

With regard to alcohol, the situation is the following. A small dose at a rate of one glass can cause excitement, but more consumption will lead to impotence. That is why the myth that alcohol is beneficial for a romantic evening directly depends on the person.

Myth number 4

The assertion that a size of the genitals influence the quality of sexual activity (Viagra Super Force) is also a myth. However, the potency may be influenced by hormones and a sexual constitution. Appearance can cause troubles in bed – that is quite possible. But here we speak about the size. And it does not affect men’s opportunities.

Myth number 5

impotenceMany people believe that the potency may be reduced after 40. In fact, not age is the main factor in determining the sexual possibilities, but the health status. After all, there are documented facts, when 90-year-old men gave a birth to children. The sutiation depends, as already mentioned, on the level of hormones and health.

Myth number 6

The fact that a change of partners increases sexual activity is also a mistake. Many men justify their “cheating” in this way. But meeting a new woman is a kind of mental stress. The man is afraid to fail, does not know the new features of the lady and so on. Sexual permanence, as a rule, does not occur immediately, you have to get used to it. It’s possible to show a real mastery only with a constant female partner.

Myth number 7

Also, men are mistaken when they consider impotence a sentence which is not a subject to appeal. This myth often makes some people end their sexual life prematurely. In most cases, impotence is curable. All psychological reasons are possible to cope with the help of a therapist or sexologist.

Myth number 8

The assertion that masturbation reduces the potency is also a myth. In fact, this is also a sexual activity, which is able to maintain potency. The only thing is that masturbation is a kind of psychological dependence, which in the future may replace real sex, the man can not be reconstructed for the old relationship.

Myth number 9

Do not think that the more sex you have, the better potency will be. On the contrary, it may cause serious harm to the body – a casual relationship and frequent intercourses affect out health. Often people get sexually transmitted diseases. Do not overload the capacity of the organism. Sex is necessary, but a person have to be moderate

Myth number 10

It is considered that impotence affects only people who smoke and drink alcohol. This is also a myth. Even people without these bad habits can suffer. If the disease is already present, the refuse of alcohol and cigarettes will not help get rid of the trouble. In any case, you need to seek the help of a specialist.

These are the most common myths about the potency. You should never trust them. The best assistant if your faith in your own strength. No matter how unpleasant the situation may be, you need to go to the end.