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Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy

Pharmacy Mall adheres to the high standards regarding anti-spam policy.

Sending spam through our website is prohibited. We also prohibit clients from including false, misleading or falsified information in the headings and subject matter of messages or their content. Pharmacy Mall does not allow the use of purchased or collected email addresses. We also guarantee that we do not buy or sell mailing lists.

To reduce the number of charges for sending spam, we offer users a mechanism to confirm their consent to receive messages. When using this mechanism, our system automatically creates a message for each subscriber, in which he confirms the desire to receive messages in the future. Only those subscribers who click on the special confirmation link in the letter will be included in the Pharmacy Mall mailing lists.

Constant violations or failures to comply with these rules lead to termination of access to the account.

Terms of use

Users of our website agree not to send unsolicited messages using the application.

Our clients guarantee that they will not use leased or purchased mailing lists, as well as lists received in any other way, in addition to confirmation of consent to the newsletter. In addition, the use of lists of subscribers unsubscribed from the mailing is strictly prohibited. Pharmacy Mall retains the right to view subscriber lists and emails in order to be sure that users follow the rules set forth in this section. All users of the website are obliged to comply with these rules, as well as the current legislation.

Privacy Protection

We use strict security measures to protect the data used by the website. We undertake to keep your email address and other personal information confidential and not use them for our own purposes.

Emails from our website

Did you receive a message from Pharmacy Mall? You should know that we send messages only to those users who confirmed their consent to the newsletter and filled out the appropriate form. Our users guarantee that all subscriber’s e-mail addresses are collected in this way. This means that subscribers have given the company permission to send them an email. As mentioned above, we do not allow any user of the system to send spam using it. If you do not know who sent you a message, read the next paragraph.

Reporting a mass unsolicited mailing

If you do not know who used the Pharmacy Mall services to send you this message, you can mark it as spam and send it with a full headline to All complaints received are necessarily considered, carefully studied and recorded.

Unsubscribe policy

Each e-mail sent through our website contains an automatically created link that allows recipients of the message to refuse receiving emails. You can also change your details at any time without unsubscribing from the newsletter. If you want to unsubscribe from the newsletter or change your details, just follow the instructions in the message basement. If you received an unwanted message that was sent via our system, use any option described above.

Security of personal data

We will never sell or provide the personal data of our users to other organizations. The only exception is the requirement of the courts. Information provided by Pharmacy Mall is available only to employees responsible for managing this data.