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Buy Online and Get 10% Discount

Pharmacy Mall offers its customers an opportunity to get a 10-% discount. This discount is available for orders which total is over $200.00. The discount is calculated in the shopping cart under the information about available shipping options. See the total with and without discount.

The discount is a way to attract people going shopping online. People may arrange an order online for a definite sum of money and be sure to get a 10-% discount. It is not a kind of sale. It is a bonus for people who meet the mandatory requirement mentioned above.10 discount

Why Are Discounts So Attractive?

It has long been proven that discounts are the most effective way to attract customers. This is the very aspect that helps you sell almost any product, which has already been proven by numerous experiments. As a result, discounts are a necessity allowing to promoting online business. People when looking at the items sold with discount do not think about anything. It is very important for them to get this product and save money.

Attractive features of the discounts for medications online:

  • savings;
  • the great popularity which brings the confidence in the product;
  • the possibility to spend money on some other things.

A 10-%: Less or Enough?

In the majority of cases, even a 10-% discount is enough for people especially who are in the reduced circumstances. It is preferable to provide a customer even with the lowest discount for making him come back. Pharmacy Mall has the aim to provide customers with the most outstanding service that’s why the online pharmacy administration strives to realize this aim. The discount offered doesn’t take customers apart for new-comers and regular. We grant all the orders with 10-% if your total is over $200.00. You are welcome to arrange an order online and save money.

10-% is better than nothing—é As a well-known proverb says: “a feather in the hand is better than a bird in the air.” Pharmacy Mall is proud of providing an opportunity for online customers to save money and spend them on some other pleasant things.