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Erectile Dysfunction and Age: How to Live a Full Sexual Life after 50?

Erectile dysfunction after 50 is a pathological condition, but this does not mean that it can not be cured. Many men consider erectile dysfunction an inevitable phenomenon that every man faces in mature or old age inevitably.

Such a judgment is fundamentally false. At what age does ed start? No doubt, the percentage of older men who suffer from this disease is much higher than the percentage of young men. Of course, sex changes for men after 50. But everything depends not only on age, and you should know all erectile dysfunction risk factors.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

There are many risk factors that contribute to the development of such a problem. And one of the major erectile dysfunction causes is another disease. For example, a great risk of impotence is experienced by men who suffer from:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • various diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Most often, erectile dysfunction after 50 occurs against the background of the above problems.

But this is not all reasons that provoke male sexual weakness.

Stress is the Main Enemy of a Man

Stressful or conflict situations, quarrels at home, constant problems at work – all this can cause male sexual problems.

No matter how much man wants to avoid stressful situations, unfortunately, this is impossible. Stress is an inevitable part of the modern world. Absolutely every man can face psychogenic erectile dysfunction, regardless of age and presence of any disease.

How Common is ED after 50?

Erectile dysfunction after 50 is usually the result of an incorrect lifestyle and a negligent attitude to your health. In addition to stressful situations, excessive consumption of alcohol, fatty foods, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced nutrition – all this can “poison” the body of a man and, as a consequence, provoke sexual impotence.

One can not hope that a man who sits at home all day long, eats pizza and watches TV will not have problems with potency. No matter how old he is – 20 or 60. A man of any age should monitor his health to prevent erectile dysfunction.

So, we can’t say that erectile dysfunction after 50 is a common problem.

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction after 50?

A full sex life after 50 is real! Just follow the tips for erectile dysfunction treatment and prevention:

  1. change the way of life;
  2. quit detrimental habits;
  3. take care of your psychological and emotional state,
  4. avoid stressful situations;
  5. have regular sexual activity;
  6. do sports;
  7. take advantage of erectile dysfunction drugs.

If you follow the above recommendations, you will never suffer from such a problem as erectile dysfunction, no matter what age category you belong to.