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How should I ask you a question about a product?

You can call us. The form of feedback is desirable to use in case you have not found another way to contact us. However, please note that we reserve the right not to answer questions and comments if we deem it necessary.

How can I find the desired drug on your website?

You are offered several options for finding products by different criteria: “search bar” is present on every page of the website. If you know the exact name of the drug you need, it is more convenient to enter it into the search line. Tip: if you are not completely sure of the correctness of writing the name of the drug, try to enter a few characters from the name of the drug – preferably at least three. If the name of the medicine consists of several words, use only one search. Using the advanced search, you will be able to find the drug not only by its name but also by the active substance (international non-proprietary name), the manufacturer company and many other parameters. In the advanced search, you can fill one or more fields, thereby narrowing or expanding the search area. You can also search for drugs using drug categories (this classification is no different from the one used in other online pharmacies when the goods are arranged according to the condition they are intended for) and search by letter. For each drug you choose, you can get detailed information by clicking on its name or photo.

How to solve the problem is I wait a long time for my order?

We are interested in the fastest delivery of the order to our customers, so if there are any questions and difficulties, please contact us by e-mail or through the feedback form.

What should I do if the goods arrived damaged or the parcel was lost?

You need to contact us as soon as possible by e-mail. We guarantee that all misunderstandings and problems will be solved in the shortest possible time.

Are there any inscriptions on the package with the goods?

We understand that many purchases are very delicate, therefore we strictly observe confidentiality. When placing an order with Pharmacy Mall, you can be sure that the package will not contain any information that will allow other people to determine what kind of drug you purchased.

Why is the price of the drug so low?

To answer this question, you should look more closely at the procedure for developing new drugs. The average time required for developing and testing a new medical product is about 15 years. This is a very complicated and expensive business, as there is no guarantee of success in development (statistics show that only one in ten drugs appears on the market). As a result, the costs of unsuccessful research are included in the cost of the developed drug, which leads to an increase in the price. Companies that produce generics produce drugs that have already been developed and their formula is known. This practice allows them to drastically reduce expenses and, accordingly, the prices of drugs.

What is a generic drug?

A generic is a complete analog of a branded drug that is made from similar raw materials and similar technology. The only difference between them is the type of the manufacturer, the cost, as well as the type of tablets, color, and shape of the package. For reference, we note that the number of generics (analogs) for each original drug can reach several hundred.

Is there a difference in the effectiveness of generics and original drugs?

The generic and the original preparation have a similar composition, which causes the same therapeutic properties. An exception is the fact that generic drugs contain a number of auxiliary substances (different stabilizers, prolongators, fillers, etc.). These excipients are completely inert and have no effect on the treatment process. Another difference between a branded product and a generic product can be the technology of granulation, mixing, which also does not affect the quality and effectiveness of the drug.

Do you sell only generic drugs?

No, we believe that the consumer should always have a wide choice, so we offer not only generics but also branded medical products.

Does every medicine have a generic?

Today, all drugs have generics, except for drugs to treat AIDS and cancer.

Are there any differences between regular and soft pills?

The difference in these drugs is solely in the way they are used and the speed of action. For example, soft tablets dissolve under the tongue, which allows to significantly accelerate their effect. In addition, these pills can be taken with fatty foods and alcohol, although we do not recommend abusing these products.

Can I be sure of the quality of your drugs?

Definitely! Pharmacy Mall has the necessary documentation (licenses and certificates), confirming the quality of the products.

I have problems with potency. What drug would you advise?

We offer special ED trial packs for customers making the first purchase. The set contains tablets of Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. All trial packs are sold at affordable prices, so try it, and when you choose the optimal drug for you – come back for new purchases!

What if the pills do not help me?

We strictly monitor the quality of our products. Nevertheless, if the tablets still do not help, we are ready to replace the drug with another one. In fact, our drugs are rarely ineffective if taken in accordance with the instructions. Please note that the effect occurs only on condition of sexual arousal.

What do I need to know before taking pills?

Be sure to read the instructions for the preparation you are going to use. It is also recommended that you consult a doctor. All instructions can be found on our website.

I’d like to order medications. Do I need to register for this?

Registration is not needed. During the first order, you enter your email address, mailing address, and some other details. All subsequent orders will be placed using this data.

I do not want to buy tablets online. Can I come to your location?

We sell drugs online only but we offer delivery by courier. This is not only fast but also convenient: the courier will deliver the parcel to any place.