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Prostatitis and Ejaculation: How does the Disease Affect Men’s Health?

How does prostatitis affect potency? This question worries many men. As you know, there are different prostatitis types. Severe forms of the disease have a more ruinous effect on male potency.

How does Prostatitis Affect Potency?

Before you define the link between prostatitis and potency, it is necessary to determine prostatitis symptoms. At the first signs of the disease, you should visit a doctor and start prostatitis treatment. In this case, you can prevent the development of the disease and male sexual disorders including erectile dysfunction.

How are Prostate and Potency Related?

Can inflammation of prostate gland affect the sexual function of a man?

As you know, the prostate is responsible for regulating testosterone production. It is in it that it takes another form (5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone). Accordingly, if the work of the prostate is broken, then, most likely, it will affect the sexual capabilities of men.

Psychological Factors

Self-expression is the most important enemy of a man with prostatitis. Researchers argue that often various male sexual disorders in prostatitis are self-hypnosis or exaggeration. Probably, the man has minor problems, but he mentally increases the scale of what is happening.

Doctors point out that a person has the ability to try various diseases on himself. Therefore, when a person gets a disease, he starts recalling all possible forms of symptoms. In this case, a person convinces himself that he has erectile dysfunction and other potency problems.

Preventive measures

The best option is to prevent a disease. That’s why you think about your health from a young age. Doctors believe that the best prostatitis prevention is a correct lifestyle and regular sex life with one partner.

Remember, stagnation of sperm and permanent erections without ejaculation should be avoided. Do not overcool.

How to Get Rid of Prostatitis Naturally?

Can prostatitis be cured without medication? Yes, it can. Try to eat parsley, nuts, ginger, eggs, seafood, lean meat, vegetables, spices. Reduce consumption of fried, spicy and fatty foods, sausages, smoked products, semi-finished products, alcohol, potatoes, rice, pasta.

Prostate massage can be also used as a preventive measure and for prostatitis treatment. However, it is not recommended performing such a procedure on your own if you are not sure that you are able to do everything accurately.

Potency after Prostate Surgery

How to restore potency after prostate surgery? Nowadays, there are many ways that can help you get rid of problems with erectile dysfunction.
Physical activity and potency exercises

Sport is a panacea for everything, so do not neglect physical exercise during rehabilitation. But remember: do not overwork, because in this case, exercise will not be useful. There is a large number of different potency exercises that will help you restore potency after prostate surgery. Regular exercises will give you male power.

Natural potency boosters

It is difficult to underestimate the advantages of traditional methods of ED treatment. Of course, they do not act immediately and require a lot of time. But folk remedies can be an excellent addition to male potency drugs.

Important: not all infusions and decoctions can be useful and safe for a particular patient. Many of them have contraindications. Therefore, before using prostatitis natural remedy, be sure to consult your doctor.

Potency medication

Today, there is a large number of different potency drugs that help men cope with erectile dysfunction. Some ED drugs are effective for prostate cancer treatment. Viagra with Dapoxetine is one of the examples of a quality, complex drug that will help not only overcome sexual impotence but also prolong sexual intercourse.

The peculiarity of Viagra Super Force: the drug significantly increases the endurance of the male reproductive system, promotes impotence prevention, prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse.

Both components of the drug (Sildenafil + Dapoxetine) affect the body in their own way. Viagra promotes filling of cavernous bodies with blood, which allows achieving excitement more quickly. Dapoxetine is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor – PDE5 inhibitor.

If the problem with premature ejaculation is not the main one – you can buy Cialis (Tadalafil). Cialis duration is 36 hours. Daily use of the drug in the dosage 5-10 mg improves blood circulation and improves the patient’s condition. Cialis does not affect sensitivity. You can buy the medicine online.

It’s quite difficult to say how much time is required to restore erection after prostatitis surgery. Each organism is unique and responds to treatment in its own way. But we can say for sure if the disease was detected at an early stage, the erection will recover quickly.